I’m Back!!!

It has been a few years since I last blogged. I count three previous discontinued blogs that I started but didn’t successfully engage for any length of time. Something more important often came up and kept me away from sitting in front of my computer and publishing my thoughts for the world to read. Academic studies, pastoral service, a new marriage, and other responsibilities were given more import than the semi-narcissistic art of blogging. To be sure, there is a kind of dedication one needs in order to do it consistently. It seems that I have not had that dedication but, with God’s help and yours, I hope to henceforth blog with much more regularity.

I return to the blogosphere after a long hiatus because I’m often asked why I don’t blog. Friends on Facebook and colleagues in my vocation insist that I have something worth saying—and worth hearing. My Facebook friends know that I use that venue to encourage rich and civil dialog about myriad subjects that range from race and religion to politics and science. I spend several minutes out of each day posting provocative articles and memes from conservative, liberal, and libertarian sources, seeking to heighten awareness and promote critical thinking. I seldom enter the conversation to assert my views because I want to facilitate the conversation, not lead it.

This blog is a different space. Here I will speak my mind and share my truth on any number of issues that compel my interrogation, interaction, and insight. I will mostly deal with the topics I love: race, religion, social innovation, and leadership. And I will do so as a civil provocateur, one who respectfully challenges us to think and act in different ways for a greater cause, a greater good.

So pray for me as I step back into the digital public square. I do have something to say. I hope it’s something worth your time.

As James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, said, “I’m back!!!”



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