A Prayer for Mayor Chokwe Lumumba



We thank You for the life and legacy of our gifted hunter, Mayor Chokwe Lumumba.

A family has lost a father. A city has lost a champion.

As we mourn his passing, we honor You for granting him a vision for a world that’s free and just for everyone. We thank You thank that in his own ways he reminded us all that the arc of the moral universe is long and bends toward justice. May his living and his loving not be in vain.

Be with Rukia, Antar and the rest of the Lumumba tribe. Uphold them in their time of great grief, for they trust in the power of prayer. And be with this great city, our city, who has lost a giant.

Bless now Acting Mayor Charles Tillman and the City Council as they prepare for a special election at such a sullen time. Stand with Mayor Lumumba’s administrative team, city employees, and all who work for a better Jackson everyday as difficult transitions take place.

And bless our dear citizens who looked to Mayor Lumumba with great hope and who believe hope died with him. Rally their strength, grant us all resilience and vision, and may we all move forward aware of our shared destiny as a people and as a City.

Bless Jackson like only You can.

In Jesus’ name, Amen


WLBT News anchor Katina Rankin interviews Mayor Chokwe Lumumba


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